Our Interim Pastor

We could not find a picture that made our interim pastor look young and relevant. That is because he is not young. But, he is still relevant.  He is relevant because he is primarily a Bible teacher. The Bible, the Word of God, is alive and active.  It is sharp and cuts to the core of our being.  It challenges the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts.

Pastor Russell Buisch was born in a Sunday School room in Waterloo, New York.  It was a hospital at the time, but, the church he attended bought the old hospital and turned it into its Christian education building.  Pastor Buisch went to Sunday School in the delivery room where he was born.

He was graduated from Lyons High School, four years behind Jim Boeheim, the nationally known coach of Syracuse men's basketball, and  from Houghton College, six years before Dr. Deborah Birx, now of covid-19 fame. But that is enough name dropping.

He was graduated from Western Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and was twice appointed as a home missionary. He pastored churches in Carlisle, PA, Somers, CT, and Ellington, CT.

He lives with his wife Carole in Union, CT.

She has managed

to keep from

strangling him

for over 50 years

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