Somers Baptist Church,                                    April 18, 2021

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Scripture: Isaiah 52:7; 53:2-7

Congregational Singing: Hymn # 229 Our God Reigns


Mission Ministry Report and Prayer

Morning Prayer

Offering Plates are in the back of the auditorium


Sermon:  The New Covenant 1 Cor. 11:23-25

I. The Beginning  Matthew 27:51

II. The Basics

     A. The New Covenant

          1. Introduced in Jeremiah 31

          2. Put into place by Jesus’ sacrificial death Mt. 27:51

          3. Quoted in Hebrews 8

              Scripture: Hebrews 8:-12 / Jeremiah 31:31-34

     B. The “Moses” Covenant

         1. Is compared to The New Covenant Heb. 8:9

         2. Was conditional Exodus 19:5  

         3. Emphasized the priesthood Exodus 19:5,6

         4. Israel failed to keep it Heb. 8:9  

             a. Jeremiah wrote about the “Moses” Covenant Jer. 11:3,4

             b. Jeremiah stated that Israel broke the Covenant Jer. 11:10

III. The Back and Forth

   E. Moses, laws were put in Moses’ hands Ex 24:12

       New, God put His laws in their minds Heb. 8:10

   F. Moses, laws were written on tablets of stone Ex 24:12

       New, God writes His laws on their hearts H 8:10 

   G. Moses, they were told to know about the Lord 8:11

        New, believers will know the Lord Heb. 8:11

   H. Moses, the Prophets knew the Lord Isaiah 40;28

        New, it will not be just be the elite that know  8:11

    I. Moses, only a high priest came into God’s presence Heb. 9:1-8  

        (Exodus 25:22 God’s presence in the holy of holies)

        New, the entrance to holy of holies was torn open Heb.10:19-23

   J. Moses, the offering was only good for a year Heb. 10:3, 4

     New, Forgiveness is complete forever Heb. 8:12

IV. The Bottom Line 1 Peter 2:9-10

        The New Covenant finds its fulfillment in the Church

We sing about what we should know about God

Congregational Singing: He Is Jehovah

We also sing because we know Him

Congregational Singing: He Lives

And we are learning new songs about Jesus living within us

Congregational Singing: Yet Not I, But Through Christ in Me


We invite you to stay for coffee and conversation


MAYDAY! MAYDAY! THE WACKOS ARE COMING! Sat May 1st at 7:00 pm Join us for a new WACKO comedy filled with lots of laughs and also a message of hope and forgiveness.  Masks Preferred.


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Anyone interested in a 5 week basic Bible Study with the option of continuing on to a 4 week study in the book of Romans with the option of continuing on to a lesson on baptism and a lesson on membership?

Or anyone have a friend who would be interested in the 5 week study along with you?  Contact Pastor Buisch.  The study is scheduled individually and takes an hour each week.

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