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Scripture: Psalm 2:1-8, 10-12

Hymn # 18 Come, We that Love the Lord (words)

              Alternate version: We’re Marching to Zion

Scripture: Revelation 7:9, 10

Hymn # 17 Ye Servants of God

Scripture: Revelation 5:6-10

Song: As It Is in Heaven

Missions – Announcements - Morning Prayer

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I. Current events give us a sense of the tension of transition

II. The Backdrop of the Gospels is the transition of power

   A. The Identification of Israel in the world

        1. Genesis 11:1 The world was one language

        2. Genesis 11:7 God caused confusion of languages

        3. Genesis 11:9 Languages caused nations to scatter

        4. Genesis 12:1-3 God promised a nation through Abram

        5. Ex.19:5 The nation (Israel) was God’s treasured possession

   B. The Intended Effect of Israel on the world

        1. Ex. 19:6 Israel to serve as a priest to the world

Blending Parallel Passages in Isaiah 5 and Matthew 21

        2. Isaiah 5:7 Vineyard to produce spiritual fruit for the world

            a. Isaiah 5:1 a vineyard on a fertile hillside

            b. Isaiah 5:2 The Lord’s personal involvement

            c. Isaiah 5:2 But the vineyard produced bad fruit

   C. The Inserted Leadership of Israel in Jesus’ Day

        Mt 21:33 Parallel passage to Isaiah 5

            a. The same personal involvement

            b. Vineyard rented out to farmers

            c. Matthew 23:1,2 Pharisees identified as the leaders

            d. God left the renters in charge

   D. The Intended Accountability of Israel to the servants Mt. 21:34

        1. God’s servants were the prophets like Isaiah

        2. Mt. 21:35 The first wave of servants beaten, stoned, killed

        3. Mt. 21:36 The second wave of servants treated the same way

   E. The Intense Consequences to Israel Isaiah 5:3-5 (2 Kings 25:8-11)

   F. The Incarnate Son sent to Israel Matthew 21:37

       1. Mt 21:39 They killed the Son to move from renters to owners

       2. John 1:11 Jesus came to His own people (Israel)

       3. Mt. 23:13 The Leaders shut the door to Jesus

       4. John 18:35 The Leaders handed Jesus over to the Romans

       5. John 19:16 The Romans handed Jesus over to crucifixion

  G. The Inquiry about Consequences to the tenants Mt. 21:40

       1. The answer from the Leaders Mt. 21:41- a wretched end

           a. Luke 19:41-44 The coming Roman destruction

       2. The answer from the Leaders 21:41 – new tenants

          a. Matthew 8:10 The response of the Gentiles

          b. Matthew 8:11 The Gentiles will be at the Feast with Abraham

          c. The renters/leaders will be thrown out into outer darkness

       3. Mt. 21:42 The Son, the rejected stone, will become the

           cornerstone around which the new tenants will build

       4. Mt 21:43 you Pharisees will be taken away

          a. Acts 28:23, 25-28 The Gentiles will listen and grow

  H. The Inevitable Question:

       What happened that Israel lost her identity?    

       1. Romans 9:30,31 Gentiles obtained righteousness, Israel didn’t

       2. Romans 9:32 Why not?

       3. Romans 9:32 They stumbled over the stumbling stone

       4. Romans 9:33; Luke 2:34 they tripped on Jesus 

          a. Mt. 21:44 The broken who fall on the stone; Mt. 5:3

          b. Mt. 21:44 The defiant on whom the stone falls; Psa 2 :10-12

  I. The Irritated Recognition Matthew 21:45

Song: Cornerstone

Benediction: Numbers 6:24-26

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Next Sunday 1/24/21 Guest Speaker: Michael Savelyev

      Advisory Committee lunch and interview with the Savelyevs


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