Sunday January 23, 2022

Elijah and the Gentile Widow of Sidon 1 Kings 17:7-24

1. Filling in the background of Luke 4:25

  • Israel in time of Elijah

           1Kings 16:31 Ahab, Jezebel, Baal worship

           Baal worship to keep the seasons running

  • Sky shut by God for 3 ½ years 1 K 17:1

  • Severe famine as a result of no rain

  • Many widows in Israel but Elijah sent to Sidon 1 K 17:9

            God had spoken directly to a Gentile widow

           Ezra 6:22 another example of directing Gentiles

2. Explaining why this Gentile and not Israelite widows

  • Elijah not sent because of what the widow had 17:10-12

       Elijah was sent because of what the Lord could give 17:13,14

  • God was to give it through the faith of the widow

              She believed that the God of Israel existed 12

              She believed that He told her to give food 9

              She did what Elijah had told her 15

  • God gave it through the faith of Elijah 17:13

3. Faith continued on a daily basis for “some time” 17:15,16. 17a

  • Elijah lived in the rooftop room (19) and must have shared

       with her about God for “some time”

  • They were happy in good times Ecclesiastes 7:14

  • And then the bad times came

4. Then the bad times came

  • The “Spirit of Fear” showed itself 17:18

               Accused Elijah of having something against her

               Accused Elijah of coming to accuse and kill

  • The Earnest Prayer of Elijah 17:19-21

              Almost sounds disgusted with the Lord 17:20

  • The Result was verification of Elijah’s standing with God

             What happened after Jesus raised Lazarus for the dead

             John 11:45 Some believed

             John 11:46 Some reported it to the Pharisees who

                                 started to plot Jesus’ death

             John 12:9 Some wanted to see Lazarus

            John 12:10 Some wanted to kill Lazarus

5. Gentile believers believe that Jesus is the Christ John 20:31