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Somers Baptist Church

04 February 2024  


Call to Worship: Psalm 107:1-3

Congregational Singing: Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah

Congregational Singing: Behold our God



Scripture Reading: Mark 5: 1-20

            Reader: This is God’s Holy Word

            Congregation: Thanks be to God

Congregational Singing:  Bless the Lord, O My Soul

Sermon: Found in the Heart of Darkness

Lord’s Supper

Fellowship Offering

Congregational Singing:  There is a Redeemer



**You’re invited to linger after the service for Coffee and Conversations in the first room off the hallway outside the right front (back) door of the auditorium…Phew - just ask someone where the coffee is! **





Midweek Meeting                    24 Jan-20 Mar   Weds @7-8:15

Exploring SBC                           6 Feb-20 Feb     Tuesdays @7-8:15

Ladies Fellowship                     17 Feb              10-12

Men’s Fellowship                     21 Feb              7pm

Baby Sprinkle for Melanie         24 Feb              2pm

Baby Shower for Valerie           16 March          2pm

Youth (7th graders+) Activity     22 March          6-8pm

Young Adult Fellowship            5 April              6:30-







Exploring SBC – Begins this Tuesday!  A three-week class in which you’ll learn about the beliefs, history, values, and vision of Somers Baptist Church.  Mandatory for membership, but helpful for all who want to brush up on what we’re (trying to be) about.  06 February, from 7-8:15.  Also 13, 20 February.  At Landrys’ house.  



Midweek Prayer and Sermon Discussion: This Weds from 7-8:15.  At the Landrys house: 12 Colonial Drive Somers.   



Christianity 101: It’s down the road but now’s the time to plan…and invite. Please note our next Christianity 101 beginning on 2 April.  Consider attending and/or inviting a friend – this is a course for those looking to learn or be refreshed in the basics of Christianity.  Questions and push-back will be welcome. 

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