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At Somers Baptist Church, we want you to think through the big issues of life and to question those things that you don’t understand, agree with, or find hard to believe. And we don’t just want or encourage this kind of inquiry…we’d love to provide the setting and some direction for spiritual exploration.

Our deep conviction is that God’s word, the bible, is truly a “lamp to our feet,” shedding light to navigate both timeless philosophical questions and the practical issues of daily life. We would love to introduce you to the helpful wisdom of God’s word via a multi-week bible study. We call these various studies “Reasonable Answers” because – even though we believe the subject matter is urgently important – we’re committed to teaching that’s calm, clear, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and conversational…Reasonable.


Meet one-on-one with an experienced teacher. Various impromptu bible studies ranging from 3-8 weeks. Meet in a coffee shop, at home, over zoom, or at Somers Baptist Church.

Grounded in the Gospel

If God is in control, why is there so much that’s bad out there? How can I stop being afraid of dying? Why do Christians make such a big deal about sex? What exactly did Jesus accomplish? Isn’t faith just an excuse to not deal with the actual data? Precisely what does it mean to forgive someone? What does spirituality have to do with getting wealthy? How do I decide what to do with my life? Is ‘sin’ still a valid concept in the 21 st century? ETC

We believe that these questions and many more are addressed in the central biblical story called "the Gospel."  So every other month SBC holds Grounded in the Gospel, an hour-long class on Thursday nights over four weeks in the pastor's living room.  This course breaks up the Gospel along the following: Week 1 - Creation and Fall; Week 2 - Israel; - Week 3- Jesus; Week 4 - Baptism, Church and the Future.   The setting of this class is relaxed: we limit the group size, on hand are snacks and drinks, and, yes, discussion is how the class proceeds.

Contact Colin at for further information on our next course.

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