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The importance and quality of church membership is wonderfully explained here. We are very
happy that you’re considering joining the membership of SBC. Here is the typical process for

  • Attend for a few weeks and get to know the church: the people, the leadership, the teaching. If everything goes as it should, hopefully during these weeks there’s been occasion to sit down with a pastor so you can get to know each other. Of course, you’ll want to be asking the Lord for His guidance as you get to know the church.

  • After these weeks of getting to know the church, if you’re interested in a more formal informational session, make plans to join our next “Exploring SBC” class. These classes are held weekly over four weeks in the pastor's home on Thursday evenings every other month throughout the year. You can find the next class listed on the church calendar. Each class period runs for one hour. You’ll hear about our church’s history, ministry philosophy, typical calendar, vision, membership expectations. And get to ask questions about the constitution (which you’ll have received before the class) and doctrinal statement. Note: this class is a requirement for membership.

  • If after the “Exploring SBC” class, you’re still interested (!), we’ll arrange a time for you to give your testimony of conversion before the church leadership. Then, presuming all that goes well, we’ll set the day for you for the church to vote on receiving you into the membership.

  • And then, the vision of Ephesians 3:10 being worked out in you and the rest of SBC really begins!

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