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....Which together turn into something approaching our “philosophy of ministry”

If you wanted the cliff notes version of the ministry we aspire to, it is thus:

+ Loud singing

+ Bible-centered

+ Majoring on loving each other

+ Disciple-making

+ Prayerful

+ Invested

But hearing the details of how we’re working toward that will clarify what we intend:

We believe in the Spirit’s gift of the Lord’s Day, Sunday. Therefore:

  • We will avail ourselves of the gatherings in Jesus’ name.

  • We will do all we can to keep Sundays free in order to gather with the church.

  • We will prepare for a good Sunday throughout the week and we'll expect that what we gain on Sunday will make a difference for the rest of the week.

  • The worship service is the high point of the church’s week: it’s both reverent and down to earth.

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