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We believe that God has graciously called the Church out of the world and formed us into a people that have received mercy. Thus our behavior should be different and (dare we say) better. This virtue, as the call, is a gracious gift. It is also something to be pursued.

We, of all people, have been re-created, and the essential act of the new nature is to single-mindedly love God with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves. (Of course, not mainly sentimentally!)

We, of all people, are to rid ourselves of obstacles to not receiving the Bible. These obstacles are mainly faulty dispositions and deeds toward people: malice, slander, envy, etc. Freeing ourselves of these obstacles, we are nurtured and built up by the
Word of God.

We, of all people, are to put aside drifting and slothfulness and maintain diligent, purposeful lives. Six days of the week we wake up in the morning to work.

We, of all people, are to live quietly under God-given authority. We should be known, not for our stridency, but for (again, quietly) promoting the general welfare. We, of all people, are not living to please ourselves or to indulge desires that are tied to
the order that is passing away, but we seek the will of God and do it.

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