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We believe in the Holy Spirit, a Person who directs people’s hearts to another Person of the Godhead, Jesus Christ.

We’re sure that His presence is not intended to promote zaniness or disorder, but to lead people to Jesus Christ: 1) to convict people of their sin in not believing (rightly) in Jesus; 2) to persuade people even in the absence of Jesus Christ of a coming Divine putting-to-right; 3) to bring them a certainty of the judgment of Satan even as that Evil One rebels against Christ. The Holy Spirit thus convinces people mainly through the life and word of the Church.

The Holy Spirit continues and extends the ministry of Jesus Christ throughout the world. He changes – for the better – persons and families and neighborhoods. So the Church keeps asking and seeking and knocking on Heaven’s door for more of His working. Our might cannot effect the change that is required in our homes and neighborhoods; we need the Spirit of God.

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