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We believe, and it is the Church’s blessed hope, that Jesus will return to the earth – bodily and publicly. He will establish His kingdom here, and all nations will acknowledge Him as King. He will execute judgment on the ungodly that have ignored or resisted what God did in Jesus Christ. And Jesus will vindicate the work and suffering of his people and bring them into His glory.

We believe that at His appearing Jesus will change our – His followers’ – faulty bodies into those like His glorious body.  The new creation that began "the first day of the week" when Jesus stepped out of the tomb, that now animates the spirits of those in Christ, will then bring our whole selves into its daylight.  Hallelujah!

We also believe in a final decision, when the righteous will be given an eternal dwelling with God in the renewed heavens and earth. And then the unrighteous will suffer eternal physical punishment, which is only the logical outcome of choosing to stay alienated from the Creator.

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