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We believe in Jesus, who is fully God the Son forever, and fully man from Bethlehem until forever. This is a wonder.

Jesus is the Creator of all and the One who holds everything together. Thus, we should take pains to do what we do without grumbling.

Through the work of Jesus, God is able to forgive all sins that every person has committed, and, just as importantly, He is offering to forgive them… and taking pains to advertise this offer. Forgiveness of sins is possible because Jesus’ bloody, violent death was accepted by God as a substitutionary atonement for man’s sins, the means by which He can justly cancel the penalty over us.

The worst of sinners can stand justified before God as he is recognized by Him to be “under” the blood of Christ.

We believe that in the 1 st  century Palestine Jesus spoke for God to all people in all times. He was crucified, and then raised bodily out of the dead on the first day of the week. Then He ascended to the glorified position of the “right hand of the Father.” One day, this exaltation will be an established fact. Every knee of every sentient creature will touch the ground before Jesus and every mouth will concede that He is the Lord of all.

He is Lord of all because God the Father has promoted Him to that high place. He is entitled to our interest, worship and service – in fact to everything critical that we call our life. This is what we mean by believing in Jesus.

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