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We believe the Trinity rescues people through the Gospel.

Sometimes a person believes, but that is never an accident. God grants a person to trust these Jesus events as true, which is to say that He calls him. And God calls a person graciously: He is not responding to a glimpse of that person’s potential or recalling some good deed that he has done. Every act of rescue is “by grace, not of works, so that no person can boast [that salvation is just his reward].”

As a person believes, God forgives his trespassing. He brings him out of Satan’s jurisdiction, and places him into service to Jesus Christ. He brings him into God’s own family and calls him “son” or “daughter.” He places him into the Body of Christ and other believers whence he works out the purpose of this rescue: good works.

Upon being reconciled to God, the Christian makes public his new life by baptism in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. But, of course, the work of salvation is only just beginning! God will always move to reconstruct the habits and disposition of those He rescues. The rescued person will never be the same.

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