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God’s Word

We believe in the Bible. We rely on the word of God to tell the Church what is true, to give form and range to our perspective of those things that are out-of-sight, to declare the righteous and true Divine decisions. The word of God is the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.

We believe that these 66 books were given without error by the God who cannot lie.

God, among all His competencies, is a great Communicator. If He has spoken, that message is meant to be, and able to be, understood. We can surely hear and understand what God says.

So, one of the important labors of the Church is to bring the Speech of God – the 66 books of the Bible – to light, and then to bear on our situation. The Bible is to form our thinking, its reading is to mark our days, its words are intended to live regally among us. It is not our place to judge the Word, but it must bear witness to, and over, us.

To be clear – we are responsible to hear, and then to obey.

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